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Guttermouth | HIt the switch | voodoo glowskulls



Signature Series 5A



A.J. has since been pounding his drums for the better part of two decades, and touring around the world professionally for the past 10 years. As a tour veteran, he has played stages throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia, Japan, England/UK, Europe, and all places in between. Performing at some of the most iconic venues worldwide. Domestically, he’s performed for countless fans at legendary venues like The Hollywood Palladium, Whisky-A-Go-Go, Troubadour, Wiltern Theater, Shrine Auditorium, Midland Theater, and House of Blues venues across the USA and Canada. Best known for his hard-hitting velocity and diverse playing style, Condosta is the drummer for titans of the ska-core genre, Voodoo Glow Skulls. He also plays for former Nitro Records artists Hit The Switch and Jughead’s Revenge. He will be featured on the upcoming albums from all three bands which are slated for release in 2018. You can also catch him spending his “downtime” filling in on drum duties for 90’s punk legends, Guttermouth. Throughout the course of his career, A.J. has performed on the recordings of many full-length LPs, EPs, singles, and demos. Most notable would be the two major releases from Glassnote Records artists I Hate Kate, who would later change their name to Darling Thieves. Singles from both albums have gotten heavy airplay in a few US markets such as Clear Channel’s 93.3 KTCL in Denver, Colorado, 92.3 KOMP in Las Vegas, Nevada, and 106.1 KRAB in Bakersfield, California. Several tracks from Darling Thieves’ sophomore release, “Race To Red”, were featured in numerous television shows such as MTV’s The Real World, The Real World VS Road Rules, and multiple episodes of The Bad Girls Club on The Oxygen Network. A.J. can also be seen behind the kit for Voodoo Glow Skulls on Season 2, episodes 18-23 of El Rey Network’s popular pro wrestling series “Lucha Underground” which was released on Netflix in March of 2017. Hit The Switch released their third full-length LP “Entropic” on Bird Attack Records on September 25th, 2018. Future tours spanning the Continental US/Canada, Europe/UK, and South America are already on the schedule for 2019. Yet another busy year ahead for Mr. Condosta.


Condosta has played drums, as well as guitar, in several bands over the past 25 years. These bands have been signed to many notable record labels, and a few unsigned.

Guttermouth (Punk) – Nitro / Epitaph / Dr. Strange / Hopeless / Volcom / Bird Attack /
Rude (Europe)
2017 – Present
Voodoo Glow Skulls (Skacore / Punk) – Dr. Strange / Epitaph / Victory / Asian Man /
Smelvis / California Street Music / Stomp (Canada) / Sony (Japan)
2013 – Present
Jughead’s Revenge (Punk / Hardcore) – Nitro / BYO
2011 – Present
Hit The Switch (Punk / Thrash / Progressive) – Nitro / Basement (UK) / Bird Attack
2009 – Present
I Hate Kate/Darling Thieves (Indie / Alternative / Rock) – Glassnote / In-N-Out (Japan)
2008 – 2010
Cardiac Black (Alternative / Rock / Punk) – Unsigned
(Guitar) 2006 – 2008
All She Wrote (Alternative / Rock) – Unsigned
2001 – 2006
Anemic (Metal / Screamo / Post Hardcore) – Positive Impact (UK)
1999 – 2001
Welfare (Punk / Hardcore) – Unsigned
(Guitar) 1996 – 1999
Hamper (Punk) – Crunchy
(Guitar) 1993 – 1997