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  • London Drumstick Co. 77A

    Signature Series 77A


    For when you need a stick between a 7A and a 5A. The Signature Series 77A fits into its own bracket, sitting right between two sizes. Ideal for those who find a 7A too thin and a 5A too thick. The 77A is a great youth size also.


    Length: 40.64 cm | 16 inches
    Diameter: 1.40 cm | 0.551 inches
    Tip: Acorn
    Balance: EQ (Medium)

  • London Drumstick Company SoundWave Series 7A

    SoundWave Series – 7A


    The LDC SoundWave Series brings drumstick grip-design to a whole new level.

    Featuring a wavy handle, with six smooth ‘waves’ or ‘knuckles’, this grip is designed to work ergonomically with the fingers, allowing drummers to relax their fulcrum, thus wasting less energy, and improving technique and flow. If you perform in high energy and sweaty environments then these sticks will also help you to keep a relaxed grip.

    For any drummers who don’t use tape or like ‘dipped’ sticks but need a better grip, these sticks are for you.

    Initially released in 3 main sizes 7A, 5A, and 5B, there is a SoundWave model to suit all playing styles and volume levels.

  • Signature 7AX

    Signature Series – 7AX


    The Signature Series 7AX is the perfect stick if you’re looking for that 7A, thinner hand-feel, but you need some extra length and weight.


    • Classic 7A grip
    • Extra length for reach and power
    • Acorn tip for great articulation
    • EQ taper for medium balance and all-purpose response.
    • Double-A Grade Hickory for superior performance.

    LENGTH:  16.5″  |  41.91 cm
    DIAMETER: 0.535″  |  1.36 cm
    TIP: Acorn

  • LDC - Classic Series 7A

    Classic Hickory Series 7A


    London Drumstick Company Classic Hickory Series 7A Wood Tip Drumsticks.

    Length: 39.4 cm

    Diameter: 1.37 cm

    Tip: Acorn

    Balance: EQ