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  • LDCo. TrueGrip 5AX TrueLine Grip

    TrueGrip Series 5AX


    Designed in collaboration with ex-owners of TrueLine Drumsticks, USA


    • Retro, innovative grip design
    • Improve grip and comfort
    • Save energy, reduce fatigue
    • Relax your fulcrum to aid technique
    • Alleviate pain from drumming related injuries
  • Signature Series Essentials 4-PACKS


    Grab a bargain today with these Signature Series 4-Packs in 3 essential sizes – 5A, 5B and 2B

  • Signature Series - Roughneck 5A

    Signature Series – Roughneck 5A


    London Drumstick Co. Signature Series – ROUGHNECK 5A


    • Classic 5A hand feel
    • Thick neck for increased durability
    • Long oval tip for punchy tones and volume
    • Short taper for increased power and volume
    • Extra length for better reach and even more power


    LENGTH:  16.25″  /  41.3 cm

    DIAMETER: 0.565″  /  1.44 cm

    TIP: Oval

    TAPER: FrontLoaded

    These sticks have been carefully crafted in smaller batches with the closest attention to details. All Signature Series sticks are made by our Custom Shop team and are finished and tested 100% by hand.

  • Classic Hickory Series 5BX

    Classic Hickory Series 5BX


    Length: 41.9cm

    Diameter: 1.53cm

    Tip: Oval

    Balance: EQ (Medium)