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London Drumstick Company roughneck 5B
Signature Series Roughneck 5B



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Signature Series Roughneck 5B


The Signature Roughneck 5B is a 5B weighted stick, with a touch extra length and a thick solid shoulder and taper. Also featuring a large oval tip, this model is designed to take some hard punishment. Ideal for rock and metal players that like to play a 5B, this stick will deliver the goods night after night, rehearsal after rehearsal.



42.55 cm | 16 3/4 inches

1.50 cm | 0.591 inches



The Roughneck 5B is the big brother of the Roughneck 5A

Out of stock

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These sticks have been carefully crafted in smaller batches with the closest attention to detail. All Signature Series sticks are made by our Custom Shop team, and each stick is finished, checked, and tested 100% by hand.

All Signature Series sticks are made in smaller batches for the closest attention to detail. They are hand-finished and tested for straightness, tight-grain, and tone all by hand, eyes, and ears.

With such close attention to detail, you will struggle to find better quality drumsticks than these anywhere.

Our Custom Shop team is the team responsible for crafting Artist Signature Series drumsticks for world-class drummers from all over the world.

Try them for yourself today!

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