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London Drumstick Co. 77A
Signature Series 77A



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Signature Series 77A


For when you need a stick between a 7A and a 5A. The Signature Series 77A fits into its own bracket, sitting right between two sizes. Ideal for those who find a 7A too thin and a 5A too thick. The 77A is a great youth size also.


Length: 40.64 cm | 16 inches
Diameter: 1.40 cm | 0.551 inches
Tip: Acorn
Balance: EQ (Medium)

In stock

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With the Signature Series, we aim to provide customers the ability to try the quality of the Custom Shop team before ordering a batch of fully custom sticks.

These sticks are made in smaller batches for the closest attention to detail. They are hand finished and tested for straightness, tight-grain and tone all by hand, eyes, and ears.

With such close attention to detail, you will struggle to find better quality drumsticks than these anywhere.

Our Custom Shop team is the team responsible for crafting Artist Signature Series drumsticks for world-class drummers from all over the world.

Try them for yourself.

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