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Signature Series – Standard 3A

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London Drumstick Co. Signature Series – Standard 3A

The classic 3A is one of the few classic models of drumstick that is not simply a size alone. The 3A must comprise of a short taper and a fat barrel tip, and usually comes between a 5A and a 5B in diameter. A classic model for aggressive playing and heavy groove-laden styles.

Length: 41.12 cm | 16.2 inches

Diameter: 1.47 cm | 0.580 inches

Balance: FrontLoaded

Tip: Oversized Barrel

Double-A Grade Hickory

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Introducing our Signature Series!

Experience the unparalleled craftsmanship of our Custom Shop team with every beat. Before you dive into the world of bespoke drumsticks, the Signature Series serves as your tantalising taste of masterful design and precision.

Crafted in exclusive, limited batches, these drumsticks are not merely manufactured – they’re an art form. Each stick undergoes meticulous hand-finishing, ensuring unmatched straightness, the finest grain, and impeccable tonal quality. Verified by hand, sight, and sound, they represent the pinnacle of drumstick engineering.

Remember, this is the same celebrated team that designs the Artist Signature Series for iconic drummers globally. If world-class maestros trust us, why shouldn’t you?

Experience the rhythm. Embrace the difference. Test the Signature Series for yourself.

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