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TrueGrip Series 5AX

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Designed in collaboration with ex-owners of TrueLine Drumsticks, USA


  • Retro, innovative grip design
  • Improve grip and comfort
  • Save energy, reduce fatigue
  • Relax your fulcrum to aid technique
  • Alleviate pain from drumming related injuries

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TrueGrip Series 5AX

These sticks have been crafted from the finest materials and the usual close attention to details that have made the London Drumstick Co. stand out from the crowd.

These sticks have been designed in close collaboration with one of TrueLine USA’s earliest employees and ex co-owners, Daniel Frank. Daniel started as a TrueLine Drumsticks employee in May of 1987 and four months later he bought out a partner to officially co-own the company with Lalo Barcelo, the Original TG stick designer, who started the company in 1981.

“We had a great time,” Frank said, “Here we were, two drummers that love drumming, that love making great drumsticks.”

The two brought a custom-craft mentality to the business. They hand-selected hickory boards for each model, carefully pairing them to ensure matched sticks. In 1994, the two sold the company. The business eventually ended up in the hands of Dick Podoloc’s Moot Wood Turnings in Vermont. Moot Wood went on to hire Frank to manage sales and handle artist relations. The company eventually lost its time in the spotlight as the landscape changed and the big names began to dominate the industry. Promark actually recreated the original design for a time in collaboration with studio legend Billy Ward, when they released ‘The Bulb’ model, however, this eventually went out of production. The disappearance of this grip design left a large hole in the industry and forced many dedicated TrueLine players to move on and find other models to play. Many of whom have been desperate to find the old TrueLine design again.

The whole purpose of this bulb design was to allow drummers to relax their grip, as the bulb area slots into the fulcrum of the players’ hands, thus preventing any slippage. When you don’t need to hold on to the stick so tightly this alleviates muscle cramps, fatigue, and pain. By relaxing your grip you can also find a more efficient technique and better flow of movement.

The London Drumstick Co. aims to bring this innovative and original design back to the spotlight, in its original form, for all to enjoy.

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