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Ultimate Control – The ultimate drumstick grip wax!


Ultimate Control – The ultimate drumstick grip wax!

  • Excellent grip enhancing effect!
  • All-natural blend
  • Odorless formula
  • Invisible yet powerful
  • Non-greasy! Unlike other brands

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This drumstick wax has been specially formulated by our team so that it not only grips better than other brands, but also lasts longer, doesn’t feel greasy to the touch, and has no odor.

London Drumstick Co. Ultimate Control Stick Wax truly delivers what its name promises.

Hold each drumstick by the tip-end and rub the flat surface of the wax ‘puck’ against the length of the sticks whilst turning the drumsticks slowly in your hands, thus creating an even coating.

Rub harder for a more tacky/grippy feel, and rub less hard for a lighter coating.

Not for human consumption, so PLEASE DO NOT EAT.

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