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At the London Drumstick Co. we always strive to provide our customers with the perfect pair of sticks, made to our customer’s own specifications and with a close attention to detail. We also source the finest raw materials and have the specialist tools we need to manufacture a superior product.

With any natural product variations can happen and of course we can all make mistakes from time to time so if for any reason you the customer are unhappy with your order we always recommend that you reach out to us first to discuss and resolve the issue. So first please email and put the subject “ISSUE”.

PLEASE NOTE: ‘Lead times’ and ‘shipping times’ are not the same. Lead times are either specified on the custom product page or by email from our staff. Shipping times are specified at checkout.

Lead times will vary according to order items and number of items, and levels of customisation, printing or finishing etc. These will vary, but our team will make these know to you at time of ordering. If you have ordered custom sleeves with your order, then these will most likely add to the lead-time, and will vary according to our print partners lead-times. This will be estimated and communicated to cutomers at time of ordering, however please allow leeway for this, as these timings can be out of our control.

When it comes to returns and our policy with dealing with this subject please see the guide below:


In the event that your sticks arrive broken or structurally damaged , including warping, then please first take photos of the sticks and include these in your first correspondence with the team. Following our analysis we will have the sticks picked up and returned to our facility to have them re-made. If we cannot agree on defects being present and no evidence of the defect can be produced then we will make no arrangement to have the sticks remade or refunded. In the event of minor aesthetic defects on standard orders, customers are expected to cover the cost of return postage. In the case of defects or errors made on custom orders the London Drumstick Company will cover return postage costs.

Dark coloured wood within a stick is not a defect. This is due to where in the tree the wood used to make the sticks comes from. The centre of the tree is darker and the outer of the tree is lighter. These variations make no difference to the duarbility or performance of the sticks. In some cases the darker wood can have a slightly tighter grain, leading to marginally increased durability, however this is no gurarantee.


Sizing –

In the event your sticks have arrived and you have noticed they are a different size/weight to what you had specified at order, or they the incorrect tip or taper then please again take photos of the sticks first. If you have used a measuring device in drawing your conclusions then please also show this next to the sticks to highlight the discrepancy. Our team will look at the case and following agreement that an error has occurred that is our fault then we shall have the sticks picked up and adjusted/remade. We will cover the postage. The correct sticks will be returned within a timely manner. We must first have the chance to remake the sticks. If the mistake happens again then we agree to refund the order. If we cannot agree on the sizing issue and no evidence of the sizing being incorrect can be produced then we will make no arrangement to have the sticks remade or refunded. If you discover the sticks were ordered incorrectly and you would like to make a change then we will make arrangements for this and raise a quote and invoice for the costs involved. We allow a 2mm error threshold on length and 1mm threshold on width measurements.

Print –

During the sales process mock-ups of artwork are issued to customers for illustrative purposes only. During this mock-up stage the artwork will be displayed on a drumstick background. Once the artwork design has been confirmed by email then we agree to print that artwork on your sticks. The LDC logo printing is independent from the rest of the design and it is within our rights to move the position or alter the LDC official logo as we see fit at any time. The customer’s artwork is all that shall be governed by mutual agreement in content and its positioning (within loose parameters of near ‘handle’ or in the ‘centre of the stick’). Exact orientation of the logos on the stick will be up to the printer whether the stick runs with tip to the left or tip to the right as we view the sticks. If this orientation has been agreed upon in writing at sale specifically, then we will try our best to arrange this. Exact print positioning to the CM is not always possible. The mock-up will always show a ‘tip to the left’ orientation, however as specified in this document, mock-up designs are for illustrative purposes only. If we have made an error in printing (wrong logo or colour, or different design from the mock-up) and this can be proven by photographic evidence provided to us then we shall arrange to have the sticks collected and re-printed at our own cost and arrangement. If the error was due to the customer’s own mistake at Sale then we shall arrange a reprint and the cost involved will be quoted clearly and billed to the customer by invoice.  


It is the responsibility of the London Drumstick Co. to ensure your sticks arrive safely, therefore we will arrange for the deliveries, collections, tacking information and insurance where necessary. If for some reason your sticks have been lost in the post we must allowed 30 days to pursue the various courses of action to recover the lost order. If the order cannot be recovered within this timeframe then we shall arrange for a free replacement to be made and sent to the customer.

We use DHL, UPS and Royal Mail/USPS services and we reserve the right to use these services interchagebly as we see fit.


Due to the complications to world shipping and logistics we are finding shipping times to be much longer than usual to many territories, especially the USA & Canada.

Standard shipping times are taking between 1 week and 3 months (in the most extreme cases).

We appreciate customers’ patience and understanding at this difficult time.